A problem using sIFR for menus that link to databound forms in IE7

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This is quite possibly the most interesting/annoying/crazy quirk/bug I have ever come across.


Your site has a sIFR menu. One of the links goes to a typical databound form (in our case an update user details form).


The user modifies a field and submits. The database table shows the change. However, when you navigate back to the form using your sIFR menu link, you notice the old value(s) in the fields. The correct values only appear once you clear your cache. This problem only occurs in IE7.


It turns out that the sIFR link is not a normal link. It is essentially like hitting the enter key in the address bar of a page that is already loaded. The browser merely loads from its cache. No matter how many times you click that link!


In the code behind of your form on page load call this:





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