ASP.Net Client Dependency Framework RC1 Released!

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With the community feedback, bug reports, patches, etc… I’ve managed to find time to upgrade this library to a release candidate status. We do use this framework in many production websites but it was great to hear from other in regards to specific bugs that were found relating to particular environments. These bugs have all been fixed up and this library is looking very stable.

You can download the binaries here.

Better yet, I’ve put together a near complete documentation library on CodePlex here !!

I still think the best way to learn about this project is to download the source code from CodePlex here and have a look at the demo web application included.

Moving forward, the next phase for this library is to add MVC support and another file registration provider called PlaceholderProvider which will give you even more granular control over where dependencies can be rendered in your markup. MVC support should be fairly straight forward and we’ll include a demo project for this as well.

Well definitely be releasing a final version soon after the next Umbraco 4.1 release candidate is released (which will hopefully be fairly soon!)

Happy day! Any and all feedback, bug reports and patches are definitely appreciated!


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