ClientDependency 1.8 released

It’s taken me forever to get this release out purely due to not having enough time, but here it finally is. This update now multi-targets framework versions:

  • Core project now targets both .Net 4 and 4.5
  • MVC project is now targets both .Net 4 and 4.5 for MVC 4 and .Net 4.5 for MVC 5

There are also a couple of minor bug fixes:

The update to the CDF .Less project is the update to use the latest .Less version.

To install the CDF core:

PM> Install-Package ClientDependency

To install CDF for MVC (less than v5):

PM> Install-Package ClientDependency-MVC

If you are using MVC 5 then you’ll need to use the MVC 5 specific version:

PM> Install-Package ClientDependency-MVC5

To install the .Less update:

PM> Install-Package ClientDependency-Less

Remember CDF also supports TypeScript, CoffeeScript and SASS!

PM> Install-Package ClientDependency-TypeScript

PM> Install-Package ClientDependency-CoffeeScript

PM> Install-Package ClientDependency-SASS


Shannon Thompson

I'm a Senior Software Engineer working full time at Microsoft. Previously, I was working at Umbraco HQ for about 10 years. I maintain several open source projects (many related to Umbraco) such as Articulate, Examine and Smidge, and I also have a commercial software offering called ExamineX. Welcome to my blog :)

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