Examine RC2 posted

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I’ve just released Examine RC2 into the while, you can download it from our CodePlex site.

RC2 fixes a bug in RC1 which wasn’t indexing user fields, only attribute fields.

There’s a few breaking changes with RC2:

  • IQuery.MultipleFields has been removed. Use IQuery.GroupedAnd, IQuery.GroupedOr, IQuery.GroupedNot or IQuery.GroupedFlexible to define how multiple fields are added
  • ISearchCriteria.RawQuery added which allows you to pass a raw query string to the underlying provider
  • ISearcher.Search returns a new interface ISearchResults (which inherits IEnumerable<SearchResult>)
  • New interface ISearchResults which exposes a Skip to support paging and TotalItemCount


Will be working on more documentation to explain some of the newly added and obscure features shortly :P.


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