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We finally released Examine version 1.0 a week or so ago. You can find the latest download package from the CodePlex downloads page for Examine: 

Here’s what you’ll need to know

  • There are some breaking changes from the version that is shipped with Umbraco 4.5 and also from the Examine RC3 release. The downloads tab on CodePlex contains the Release Notes for download which contains all of the information on upgrading & breaking changes
  • There’s a ton of bugs fixed in this release from the version shipped with Umbraco 4.5
  • Lots of new features have been added:
    • Indexing ANY type of data easily using the LuceneEngine index/search providers
    • PDF Indexing for Umbraco
    • XSLT extensions for Umbraco
    • Data Type declarations for indexed fields
    • Date & Number range searching
  • New documentation has been added to CodePlex

Using v1.0 RTM on Umbraco 4.5

The upgrade process from the Examine version shipped with 4.5 to v1.0 RTM should be pretty seamless (unless you are using some specific API calls as noted in the release notes). However, once you drop in the new DLLs you’ll probably notice that the internal search no longer works. This is due to a bug in the Umbraco 4.5. codebase and an non-optimal implementation of Examine which has to do with case sensitivity for application aliases (i.e. Content vs content ). The work-around is simple though: all we need to do is change the Analyzer used for the internal searcher in the Examine configuration file to use the StandardAnalyzer instead of the WhitespaceAnalyzer. This is because the WhitespaceAnalyzer is case sensitive whereas the StandardAnalyzer is not. This issue is fixed in Umbraco Juno (4.6) and will continue to use the WhitespaceAnalyzer so that Examine doesn’t tokenize strings that contain punctuation. For more info on Analyzers, have a look at Aaron’s post.

Next Versions

There probably won’t be too many more changes coming for Examine v1.0 apart from any bug fixing that needs to be done and maybe some tweaks to the Fluent API. We will start working on v2.0 at some point this year or early next year which will take Examine to the next level. It will be less focused on configuration, have a smaller foot print and be much more configurable through code (such as how ASP.Net MVC works).