Wildcard mapping in IIS 7 classic pipeline = web.config!

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After foolishly pulling out my hair trying to find out why my wildcard mapping was disappearing in IIS 7 using classic pipeline mode, i realized it was my own fault!! I followed the instructions on this site: http://learn.iis.net/page.aspx/508/wildcard-script-mapping-and-iis-7-integrated-pipeline/ and unfortunately just skipped over the message about how this modifies your web.config… oops! So basically, every time I deployed my handler mapping would be removed… Doh!

Unfortunately, the method to add a wildcard mapping in this article will actually remove the inheritance of standard handlers from the root of IIS and your machine.config and just make copies of them. This might not be the best approach, but i suppose sometimes it’s necessary. We only need the wildcard mapping for URL Rewriting so i decided to see if i could just simply add the isapi wildcard mapping only, have the rest of the handlers inherit from the root and see if it works… turns out it does!

So instead of having to modify IIS itself, i just needed to add this to my web.config:

	<remove name="ASP.Net-ISAPI-Wildcard" />
	<add name="ASP.Net-ISAPI-Wildcard" path="*"
	verb="*" type="" modules="IsapiModule"
	responseBufferLimit="4194304" />

Too easy! No fussing around with IIS and now at least i won’t override my changes accidentally.


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