An update with the multiple environment Umbraco data sync

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A month ago I wrote a post on how to sync data across multiple Umbraco environments, and I thought that I would do an update post on how it is tracking.

Well the short answer is that it is going really quite well. We’ve quite successfully migrated content from the clients content entry environment into their production environment with next to no issues.

The only problem we’ve had is when the same document has been edited on both environments. When this happens you need to work out which is the correct version to maintain, and if it’s published you need to ensure that you’re using the correct version in the cmsContentXml table.

Only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that once the data is merged you need to ensure that the primary key seed is still higher on the content entry environment so that when you next do the synchronization the ID’s don’t clash between environments.


The only other thing that you need to be mindful of is Media, you will need to ensure there is something synchronizing that, either a tool such as SyncToy or you manually manage the Media folder synchronization.


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