Articulate 1.0.5 released

Good news!

Today Articulate 1.0.5 has been released which has quite a few issues fixed, here’s the gist:

  • #49 - Doesn't work with Umbraco 7.2
  • #18 - HasProperty on a partial view throws an error when ListModel is the current Model
  • #30 - Pager url issues in category pages when blog is not root
  • #32 - Rss feed url for tag/category breaks when the tag/category contains a hyphen
  • #39 - Update shazwazza theme to reflect (feature)
  • #48 - Category/Tag list in Vapor and Shazwazza themes order posts ascending instead of descending
  • #41 - Articulate Pager and Search Results
  • #12 - Articulate MetaWeblog route and Contour
  • #42 - Package restore doesn't work
  • #38 - Routes need to be rebuilt when articulate root node url names are changed or when articulate root nodes are added
  • #37 - UrlHelperExtensions methods for categories/tags/search do not respect the configured values for these url names
  • #34 - Surface Controllers on Pages Using VirtualRouteHandler Don't Fire
  • #36 - Multiple articulate roots without domains assigned causes YSOD with routing

The GitHub release page is up and has the details and the package available for download:

The Our release page is also up with the package available for download:

More good news

I’m sure you are already aware of this but if not it’s worth mentioning that Umbraco 7.2 has been released!! If you haven’t seen the details, it’s a huge and exciting release, full details are on the Umbraco blog

And Articulate 1.0.5 is compatible with Umbraco 7.2, happy days! :)


Shannon Thompson

I'm a Senior Software Engineer working full time at Microsoft. Previously, I was working at Umbraco HQ for about 10 years. I maintain several open source projects (many related to Umbraco) such as Articulate, Examine and Smidge, and I also have a commercial software offering called ExamineX. Welcome to my blog :)

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