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I’ve just released a new major version of Embedded Content, a data type for Umbraco developed here at TheFARM. Quite a considerable amount of work went into developing this release and includes the following improvements:
  • Properties can now be made mandatory and can additionally be validated against a provided regular expression
  • Visual improvements
  • You can now choose in the prevalue editor which additional information apart from the name and the alias of a field you want to display in the list. E.g. if you want to see with one glance which of the fields are mandatory and which ones are not you can just turn it on in the interface. The selected options will also be saved when you saved the data type, so you don’t need to change it every time you edit the data type.
  • To enable the use of additional symbols the prevalue schema had to change. Included in the package is an automatic upgrader though which will be executed after you’ve installed the new version (this is only relevant of course if you’ve used the data type pre-1.1).
  • There have been a range of bug fixes, and I want to especially thank Michael Rutherford and Geoff Beaumont of the Umbraco community for providing very helpful feedback in the beta phase of v 1.1!

Here are some screenshots:




Upgrading from pre-1.1 to 1.1:

The best way to upgrade to version 1.1 is to completely uninstall the package (without touching any of your Embedded Content data types, document types or content nodes where it is used!) and install version 1.1 of Embedded Content. After installation is complete you will be asked to upgrade the schema of your existing Embedded Content data types to the new version. The only thing to be aware of here is that you won’t be able to downgrade again, so please make sure you have a database backup at hand for this option.


I hope you enjoy using the Embedded Content data type and like the improvements as much as I do! Smile


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