Introducing Snapshot

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Over the past few weeks Shannon and I have been dropping hints on Twitter about an exciting new project we’ve been working on. We’ve now started dropping hints including the name Snapshot.
Well we thought it was about time that we stopped playing the tease and brought more to the table.

What is Snapshot?

In short Snapshot is a tool for Umbraco, giving you the ability to export a full ASP.NET site from the CMS.

Darren Ferguson tweeted about a similar product he’s working on, generating HTML files from Umbraco.

But we’re going up a notch, we’re exporting a fully working ASP.NET website from Umbraco.
This means that macros will work, .NET User Controls will work, everything you’d expect from an Umbraco site.

Just there’s no CMS at all. In fact, you shouldn’t require any of the Umbraco assemblies to run it!


Enough talk, here’s a video!

Snapshot introduction from The Farm on Vimeo.


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