Registering custom components in IoC for Umbraco 5 plugins

Sometimes you might need to add some of your own components to the IoC container in Umbraco 5 for your plugins to function. We’ve made this extremely easy to do and it only requires 2 steps:

Create a custom class that implements Umbraco.Framework.DependencyManagement.IDependencyDemandBuilder . Ensure that this class does not have any constructor parameters otherwise it will not work. There’s only one method to implement and you can use the containerBuilder parameter to add stuff to the IoC container:

void Build(IContainerBuilder containerBuilder, IBuilderContext context);

Next you need to attribute your plugin (i.e. Tree, Editor, Menu Item, Property Editor, Surface Controller, etc….) to tell it which ‘Demand Builder’ to use. Easiest to explain with an example:

[Tree("4883C970-2499-488E-A963-5204F6C6F840", "My Tree")]
public class MyCustomTree : TreeController

The above code will ensure that the ‘Demand Builder’ of type MyCustomBuilder will be executed when this plugin is loaded

Thats it! Now you can add anything you need to the IoC container if you require this for your plugin.


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