Umbraco TinyMCE Customization for Flash Rich Text

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Flash doesn’t support most of the html elements of a standard web page. TinyMCE’s creators Moxiecode have thankfully given us the TinyMCE rules for flash here:

So to get Umbraco & TinyMCE working to give your flash application the markup that it needs you need to modify your \config\tinyMceConfig.config file:


Then there’s the issue that flash treats real line breaks and <br/> tags exactly the same! This will probably cause you a few headaches trying to work that out. So to save you that headache, you need to output the rich text markup via XSLT to flash using the XSLT function: normalize-space

Something like:

<xsl:value-of select="normalize-space($myRichTextValue)" />


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