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A while ago Shannon and I blogged about a project we were working on called Snapshot which was essentially a way to export flat ASP.Net websites from an Umbraco install.

Since then, TheFARM has launched a few websites using development versions of Snapshot and we’ve been working towards getting a version of Snapshot ready for which anyone could purchase and use.
There have been some hurdles along the way such as legality around ownership, how to release it as a commercial product and my moving on from TheFARM. But finally … this has culminated in something exciting…

uSnapshot is coming!

That’s right sports fans, we’ve renamed Snapshot to uSnapshot and we’re going to be working on finishing v1.

But we realised that we don’t know how everyone wants to use uSnapshot, so we’re throwing open the doors. Today we’ve launched the uSnapshot Beta Program!

We’re looking for people who are interested in helping us beta test uSnapshot as we work towards a v1 release, help us find bugs and ultimately work on a final feature set for the release.

So if you think that uSnapshot may be something that you (or your company) may be interested in please sign up.

Have a look at the uSnapshot site for full details and benefits regarding the beta program.