My blog all about web development
I'm a software developer working full
time for Umbraco, mostly working
with Microsoft's ASP.Net stack.

Welcome to my blog :) Surfer | Traveler | Canadian | Australian Microsoft MVP

GitHub activity

  • @Shazwazza 91fe45a
    adds namespaces to the web startup
  • @Shazwazza 5a3b97c
    puts the claim validation back in (needs to be there, took it out for…
  • @Shazwazza 570b718
    publicizes a couple things to make it easier for tests
  • @Shazwazza 442160b
    fixes identity conversion when it's just a generic identity and not a…
  • @Shazwazza c5a230b
    All green! now to actually see if this works with a real umbraco inst…
  • @Shazwazza f46ae04
    Got POST wired up and is returning the correct URI now.
  • @Shazwazza 1ac3160
    Changes property array to use a proposed collection+json extension wi…
  • @Shazwazza 3ac4cba
    Adds template for individual items
  • @Shazwazza ffbf5e4
    modifies how properties are rendered so they are a sub list of name/v…
support for "error" object

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